Capacity Enhancements & Developement Facilities

Soft skill development

  • Students are trained on ACLS
  • Students are trained on BLS
  • Students are trained on mannequin

Wellness of the students​

  • As a regular protocol students are vaccinated in first year
  • Free treatment is provided in our hospital.
  • Well maintained play grounds, shuttle courts, indoor auditorium, net sessions are provided to keep them fit.

Human value development​

  1. During orientation program, faculty interacts with the students & tells them the importance of building the right attitudes to be health professionals.
  2. Bioethics workshop is conducted by medical education unit.

Personality & professional development

  1. Medical education unit organizes orientation program for CRRI induction
  2. To make the students equipped & compete with the fast growing knowledge medical education unit conducts periodic CME’s, workshops, seminar, panel discussion etc with the expertise.

Coaching for PG entrance exam

  1. The USMLE orientation CME is conducted by medical education unit.


  • Yoga lab is available & equipped.
  • Yoga teacher is available & he conducts sessions for 1st year every Monday afternoon
  • Every year yoga day is celebrated on 21stjune
  • CME’s related to yoga are conducted.

Analytical skill development​

  1. Students are trained in how to use computer based applications & internet based statistical system for research work.
  2. Computer with internet facilities are also available in the library, Bioinformatics centre & computer labs.
  3. PG students in clinical branches are exposed to the use of medico-legal software developed by the clinical forensic medicine unit.

Language & communications skill development​

  1. Workshop on communication skill is held every year during the orientation programme.
  2. Workshop highlights on importance of communication, barriers of communication, writing communication skills, verbal & non-verbal communication skills, presentation skills, inter personal relationship.
  3. Medical education unit organizes orientation program to train the students on doctor – patient communication, breaking the bad news, body language etc.

Employability skill development

  1. Expertises from various colleges under the SVGI are brought to train the students and equip them in problem solving, inculcate values, to develop leadership quality, organize & adapt to the situation, communicate etc.

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