Dean ( Research & PG Studies ) Message

Dr.S. Mahadevan M.D., Ph.D.,

Dean (Research & PG Studies)

Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (SVMCH&RC) is engaged in medical education, patient care and research, all socially accountable. SVMCH&RC is an amalgam of disciplines. Clinical partnerships with research staff who are biologists of variety of kinds allow each level to learn from the level above. Each of the disciplines, independently have very different course work for their students, different benchmarks of administration and assessment of performance. Complexities are inherent in a multi-disciplinary setting; the needs to ameliorate, amend the differences and pave a path of consistency have been duly recognized in the recent past.

Being uncomfortable with our knowledge is the first step to an idea for research. Unless the faculty are open ended and entertain new ideas for research, the strange reluctance in accepting change will fossilize institutions. Avoiding plagiarism and conflict by the research guide and scholar cannot be overemphasized. Institutions are governed by the culture of the herd they live in.

            Measures of patient-oriented research with respect to local relevance, relative weight to publication quality, intellectual property and pursuing team-based long term projects without being self-congratulatory are the needs. SVMCH&RC envisages strong faculty engagement in disease biology of high burden disease- infection science, prematurity, neonatal immunity, drug discovery, micro biome and disease. By collaborating across centers and other SVGI group of Institutions affordable innovations through bio design can be achieved by the committed faculty.

            It is fortunate that SVMCH&RC is surrounded by central Institutions, engineering and medical schools. Inter institutional programs on genomic epidemiology and biomarker discovery and enrolling in ICMR clusters will help SVMCH pay as much attention to unmet challenges as to its successes.

            Sick Children are getting the right treatment thanks to rapid whole genome sequencing. Through faster analysis software and data visualization tools, such genomic-based diagnosis is possible within 20 hours. Urgent DNA samples of sick children can be prioritized. This will transform intensive care and is totally miraculous to families.

            SVMCH, with due support from the Competent authority of man power, finance and material and diligent Teamwork, is bound to grow in research from infantile steps to leaps and bounds.

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