International Standards

Providing high class facilities and services in all specialities and later on to develop super specialities.Providing “ state of the art ” equipments / facilities to enable the doctors to utilize their skills and expertise for the benefit of the people.

The Ramachandra Educational Trust was started with the sole ambition of inculcating into the hearts of people the richness of education. Value so rich to the humanity is education

Providing the best treatment to the masses both rich and poor giving importance to preventive care Providing quality education in medical, para-medical and nursing

About Us

Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital & Research Centre is promoted by Ramachandra Educational Trust, Chennai. The Chairman Shri. B. Ramachandran is a successful educationalist and a visionary.

Towards a Healthier Society.

We at Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital & Research Centre on the Puducherry-Villupuram National Highway are committed to creating a healthier society. Towards this end, we provide one of the best tertiary care services in the state. Our holistic approach to healthcare begins with primary care and extends to specialized treatments. We ensure multi disciplinary approach and patient centric care, which are essential for compassionate care. At SVMC every patient is guaranteed the best medical, diagnostic and surgical services. Our services reach over 5,00,000 outpatients and 40,000 inpatients a year.

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