Medical Education Unit, established in our Institution in 2008, serves to provide quality medical education and training by

  1.  Facilitating faculty development,
  2.  Curriculum development (UG & PG) and its implementation as per latest NMC guidelines and
  3.  Supervise & coordinate the overall educational development and MEU related research activities of the Institution .

(i) Faculty development

Faculty development in medical education encompasses all activities related to faculty members’ professional, instructional, leadership & organizational development and empowers them to excel as educators and to create vibrant academic communities that value teaching and learning. To promote excellence in faculty development for quality medical education, MEU organizes faculty development programs in the form of seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences /CME/ webinars and helps the faculty members to update themselves with current trends in the medical field.

(ii) Curriculum development (UG & PG) and its implementation

Medical education unit has a vital role in curricular governance that encompasses designing, delivery, evaluation and improving the curriculum in accordance to the regulations of NMC. The MEU team constituted with faculty members representing various specialties, having undergone the curriculum implementation training program, train the other faculty members and by integrating with various academic committees viz. curriculum committee, curriculum sub committee, alignment & integration team, skill team, AETCOM team ensures the implementation and assures the quality of competency  based medical education in the Institution.

(iii) Educational development

By facilitating faculty development, implementing competency  based medical education (CBME)as per NMC regulations and by motivating various departmental academic activities that help maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field, MEU ensures development in all spheres of medical education.

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