Rules To Be Followed By The Students Attending Online Classes

  1. Use your original names as username then only attendance will be given.
  2. Wear formal clothes to give a professional look while attending the classes though you are at home.
  3. Mute your audio while attending the classes unless and until you want to clarify doubts.
  4. No disturbance from your house (background noise) to others listening the class.
  5. Any doubts / questions can be entered in the chat box.
  6. Attendance for all online classes and online tests / Viva is mandatory.
  7. Use the breaks for having snacks / water.
  8. Have a good network connection with adequate internet bandwidth (minimum 2 Mbps) , so that your online class would not be interrupted.
  9. Keep your video on during the sessions.
  10. Take notes when the session is in progress.

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