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The Department of Physiology serves to provide the profound knowledge of the subtle orchestrated functioning of various systems of the body that contribute to overall health of an individual, under the able guidance of experienced teachers, transforming the students into  competent  health professionals.


            To create excellent health care professionals by making them understand the physiological basis of medical treatment and make them reach new heights by providing quality medical education and inculcating social responsibilities in them.


Our Department functions to provide advanced and profound knowledge in Physiology to all medical and paramedical students by providing them with adequate exposure to theoretical, practical and innovative research work and encourage them to apply  relevant skills learnt for the betterment of society.

The knowledge gained by the students in Physiology finds its practical implication in understanding the disease process in the clinical subjects of Medicine and its allied specialities. This would direct them for perfect diagnostic abilities, therapeutic decisions and lead them for research activities.  The dedicated teaching carried out by the experienced team of faculty members initiate the first year undergraduate students to appreciate the importance of health by the knowledge they gain from understanding the mechanisms of various systems’ functioning with their clinical relevance. The post graduate guidance provided by the faculty transforming into a good teacher by being guided to understand the subject and learn the teaching skills with excellence.

Dr K. Tamilselvan  –  Professor & HOD    

The Department of Physiology with its team of experienced faculty members and well equipped laboratories, provide regular practical lessons (haematology and clinical practical sessions) in the respective labs for undergraduates and separate individual laboratory provisions are also available to carry out amphibian and mammalian experiments along with the aforementioned experiments for the post graduate students. The department provides research initiatives for the undergraduate students and encourages academic research activities for the post graduate students with its well equipped research lab that has provisions to carry out autonomic function tests, pulmonary function test and other electrophysiological assessments. The department of Physiology also conducts regular yoga sessions and has a museum with specimens, models and charts making the process of learning easier for the students.

The department carries out undergraduate teaching for Medical, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Paramedical and Pharmacy students and mentoring for post graduate students, collaborative teaching activities with clinical disciplines. Beyond regular learning sessions the department encourages the students to partake in seminars and quiz competitions and makes regular assessment of their academics with internal assessment tests with revisions during tutorials. The post graduate training involves regular monthly sessions of journal club, seminars, and group discussions on both theory and practical topics with their periodic academic assessment and regular research activities.

List of department faculty publications

  1. Latha R, KarthikaPriyadharshini U, Jayamala AK, Shyamala M.Gender difference in Brainstem auditory evoked response among the headphone users. International Journal of Physiology, 2020 (Accepted)
  1. Lydia P Graceline Margarat, Latha R. Variations in PEFR among Sports Persons of Different Types of Sports Activities and their Relationship with BMI. International Journal of Physiology, 2019; 7 (3): 76-79.
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ICMR – Short Term Student (ICMR- STS) projects Guided:

Dr. K. Tamilselvan

  1. STS-2012- ( Ref no. 2012-03025)

      The effect of BMI on nasal mucociliary clearance – a pilot study

      Student : Mr A J Thananjayam


  1. STS- 2014- ( Ref no. 2014-00907)

A clinical study on the autonomic functions among normotensive offspring of hypertensive parents

Student : Mrs Vijayasri Sobhana Gopakumar

Dr. R. Latha

  1. The Effect of Garlic oil on Lipid peroxidation and Blood cell counts of Arsenic exposed albino mice. STS- ICMR-2005 Miss. Lavanya
  2. The Effect of Phenol red on Lipid peroxidation and Blood cell counts of Arsenate exposed albino mice. STS- ICMR- 2006 Mr.V.Karthikeyan
  3. Concomitant administration of Moringa oleifera leaves on arsenate induced oxidative stress in albino mice. STS- ICMR-2007. Miss. M. Shylaja
  4. Assessment of cognitive function and visual evoked potential in follicular and luteal phases of menstrual cycle STS- ICMR-2014. Miss.M.Rajeena
  5. A study on correlation between Cognitive functions and brainstem auditory evoked response amongst the headphone users. STS- ICMR-2015.Miss.M.Shyamala
  6. A study of correlation between visual evoked potential and cognitive functions in

nocturnal mobile phone users. STS- ICMR-2016. Miss.B. Indumathi

  1. A study on nomophobia and the psycho-physiological effects of PUBG gaming

among medical college students on their health and academics. STS- ICMR-2018.Mr.B. Aakash kumar

Dr. Jayamala A K

Evaluation of learning style and its influence on cognition among undergraduate medical students. STS-ICMR-2017    Mr. Marcel

Dr. U. Karthika Priyadharshini

  1. Effect of Alternate Nostril Breathing on Cardiorespiratory parameters and muscle strength among rotating shift workers. STS-ICMR-2018 Dhivya .K
  2. Effect of alternate nostril breathing on cognition and VEP among young adults with internet addiction. STS- ICMR 2019 Pavithra M

Chapter in a book:   Dr. R. Latha

Madanmohan Trakroo, Lakshmi Jatiya. Pregnancy Diagnostic Tests. In: Handbook of Practical Physiology Objective Structured Practical Instructions (OSPI). Paras Medical Books Private Limited, 2019: 161-163.

  1. Dr. K. Tamilselvan
SYMMEDCON 2018 – Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital &   Research  Institute, Chennai – 1st Prize in e-Poster presentation- January 2018
  1. Dr. R. Latha
Best Paper Award:
A first place had been secured for oral presentation entitled “Effect of arsenate and phenol red on leakage of lactate dehydrogenase and lactate in everted gut sacs of mice” in 34th Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists (IABMS) held at Dr. ALM Postgraduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, Taramani campus, Chennai-600 113, from 27th-29th  December, 2013.
   PG Achievements:
Name of the Post graduate
Oral/Poster presentation/ Publication/ Quiz
Award / Prize
Dr B.Arunkumar
APTCON-Kilpauk Medical College
Oral Presentation
1st place
Dr B.Arunkumar &
 Dr U.Karthika Priyadharshini
PG Quiz- Balaji Medical College
1st place
Dr. U.Karthika Priyadharshini
APTCON- Madha Medical College
Oral Presentation
3rd place
University Ranks- PG
Dr S. Niveatha   2016-19 batch: Postgraduate University Gold Medal
Dr. S. Niveatha: 2016- 2019 PG Batch
  1. Second prize in oral poster presentation on ‘Isometric Hand Grip test as a tool to unmask the pregnancy induced Hypertension’ at APTCON – THUYIL 2017, Stanley Medical College, Chennai28/10/2017 to 29/10/2017.


  1. Second prize in oral poster presentation on ‘Effect of Left nostril breathing on Heart Rate Variability among healthy young obese adults’ at APTCON- LEMECON 2018 KIMS, Kanchepuram, Tamilnadu, 06/10/2018 to 07/10/2018
3.     Second prize in  poster presentation on ‘Role of yoga in prevention , Management and Rehabilitation of Chronic diseases’ at CYTER2008 Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth Puducherry on 23/06/2017

4.     First prize in  poster presentation on ‘Swastha Manas: Mental Health and Well Being through Yoga’ in National Seminar Cum CME at CYTER Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth Puducherry on 26/06/2018.

Second Prize in Pedagogy competition in Stanley medical college on 07/10/2018

  UG Achievements
Name of the Student
S. Subhashri
I. Saraswathi
D. Benija
S. Yokeshwar Siddarth
R. A. Dhweni
S. G. Vijayasri
K. Dharan Kumar
M. Shyamala
K. Thennarasi
S. Sarasvady
Sarveghna Lakshmi S
  1. CME on Therapeutic Potential of Yoga (2015)- 12.01.2015. Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital & Research Centre , Puducherry. The TamilNadu Medical Council has awarded 2 credit hours.


  1. CME on Innovative research methods on cost effective equipments in Physiology& Medicine (2015) – 20.01.2015 Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital& Research Centre , Puducherry. – The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has awarded 2 credit hours.


  1. CME and Quiz on ‘’Gastrointestinal Physiology’’ organized by Dept. of Physiology & Medical Education in SVMCH & RC, Pondicherry – 07/03/2015


  1. CME and Quiz on ‘’ Applied aspects of Respiratory system- An Overview’ organized by Dept. of Physiology & Medical Education in SVMCH & RC, Pondicherry – 03.16
  2. CME and Quiz of ‘ CME and Quiz of ‘ Physiology of Aging ’’ organized by Dept. of Physiology & Medical Education in SVMCH & RC, Pondicherry – 11.2016
  3. Workshop on scientific writing (2019) organized by Dept. of Physiology & Medical Education in SVMCH & RC, Pondicherry – 04.12.2019. – The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has awarded 2 credit hours.


  1. CME on “ECG-Basics & Beyond” (2020) organized by Dept. of Physiology & Medical Education in SVMCH & RC, Pondicherry under the banner of ‘Association of Physiologists of Tamil Nadu (APT)’ – 13.03.2020 – The Tamil Nadu Medical Council has awarded 2 credit hours.





Working @

Dr. U. Karthika Priyadharshini

2012-15 SVMCH&RC

Assistant Professor


Dr. Adhilakshmi

2012-15 SVMCH&RC


IGMC&RI, Pondicherry

Dr B.Arunkumar

2012-15 SVMCH&RC

Assistant Professor

JIPMER- Karaikal

Dr. Lakshmi Priya





Dr. S. Niveatha

2016-19 SVMCH&RC

Senior Resident

MGMC&RI, Pondicherry

Dr.P.Graceline Margarat  Lydia

2016-19 SVMCH&RC




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