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3.3.3 Average number of research papers published per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC -CARE list in the UGC website/Scopus/ Web of Science/ PubMed during the last five years 
S.NoName of the indexing databasePublication TypePublication titleAuthor nameJournal nameYear
1SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNAL5G in healthcare: how fast will be the transformation?Dananjayan S., Raj G.M.Irish Journal of Medical Science2021
2SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAccuracy of Magnetic Resonance Parkinsonism Index in Differentiating Progressive Supranuclear Palsy from Parkinson’s Disease among South Indian Population: A Retrospective Case Control StudyJanarthanan V., Nadhamuni K., Rajakumar S., Padmanaban E., Amirthalingam U., Achantani Y.Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging2021
3WOSJOURNALA common symptom with an uncommon diagnosisPrabu Velayutham, Prem Davis, Nishanth Savery, Ramprasath Vaigundavasan The Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology2021
4UGCJOURNALAn audit of infection control practices in Central Sterile Supply Department in a Tertiary Care Hospital, PuducherrySavitha B Hiremath, B V Renushree, R Vinod, P ShilpaBLDE University Journal of Health Sciences2021
5SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAn Interwoven Case of Dissociation and Psychosis—Spotlight on Network Structure Model of Psychopathology: A Case ReportMithun Prasad V., Kuppili P.P., Kaliyaperumal M., Menon B.Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine2021
6UGCJOURNALAntibiotics for Fever Among Children: Findings From the Surveillance for Enteric Fever in India CohortsSrun SK, Manikandan S, Kanungo SThe Journal of Infectious Diseases2021
7WOSJOURNALA short note on oxytocin and stress attenuationTamilselvan Kuppusamy, Padmavathi Ramaswamy, Muraliswaran Perumal, Santhi Silambanan, Archana Prabu KumarBioinformation2021
8UGCJOURNALAssessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices about Biomedical Waste Management among Nursing Professionals in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bhubaneswar,OdishaDash K, Das M, Satapathy NKEuropean Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine2021
9UGCJOURNALAssociation between head circumference at two years and second and fifth year cognitionKoshy B, Srinivasan M, Murugan TP, Bose A, Christudoss P, Mohan VR, John S, Roshan R, Kang GBMC Pediatr2021
10PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAssociation of handgrip strength and endurance with body composition in head and neck cancer patientsKowshik V, Velkumary S, Sethi P, Feula JM, Subhashri S, Abirami M.Journal of family medicine and primary care2021
11SCOPUS,WOS,UGCJOURNALAssociation of MTHFR (rs 1801133) gene polymorphism with biochemical markers of B12 deficiency in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients on metformin therapyCassinadane A.V., Ramasamy R., Lenin M., Velu K., Hussain S.A.Meta Gene2021
12SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAssociation of plasma docetaxel levels with ABCB1 gene polymorphisms and tumour response in locally advanced breast cancer patients of South India on neo‐adjuvant chemotherapyPriyadarshini R., Raj G.M., Sundaram R., Kayal S., Ramesh A., Shewade D.G.Breast Cancer2021
13SCOPUS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALCannabis associated mental health effects: A reviewKancherla N., Jeyanthi K., Abbas R., Sathi T., Upadhyay A., Garlapati S.Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences2021
14SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALClipping inguinal lymphatics decreases lymphorrhoea after lymphadenectomy following cancer treatment: results from a randomized clinical trialRavisankar P., Malik K., Raja A., Narayanaswamy K.Scandinavian Journal of Urology2021
15WOS,UGCJOURNALComparison of the Efficacy of Septoplasty with NonSurgical Management in Improving Nasal Obstruction in Patients with Deviated Nasal Septum – A Randomized Clinical TrialDharanya Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan  , Jyotirmay Hegde  , Karthikeyan Ramasamy  , Kalaiarasi Raja  , Sathish Rajaa  , Sivaraman Ganesan  , Prabu Velayutham  , Arun Alexander  , Sunil Kumar Saxena International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology2021
16PUBMEDJOURNALCorrelation of Clinical Symptoms With Nasal Endoscopy and Radiological Findings in the Diagnosis of Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Prospective Observational StudyBaba Caliaperoumal VB, Gs D, Velayutham P, Krishnaswami B, Rama Krishnan KK, Savery N.Cureus2021
17SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALDapagliflozin for heart failure: Is it a class effect?Raj G.M., Wyawahare M.Future Cardiology2021
18UGCJOURNALDecreased baroreflex sensitivity is associated with cardiometabolic risks and prehypertension status in early-postmenopausal women, Clinical and Experimental HypertensionSoundirarajan Subhashri, Pravati Pal, Gopal Krushna Pal, Dasari Papa & Nivedita Nanda Clinical and Experimental Hypertension2021
19UGCJOURNALDevelopmental trends in early childhood and their predictors from an Indian birth cohortKoshy B, Srinivasan M, Bose A, John S, Mohan VR, Roshan R, Ramanujam K, Kang BMC Public Health2021
20BOOK CHAPTERDrug-Induced Blood DyscrasiasSakthibalan MurugesanIntroduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology2021
21WOS,PUBMEDJOURNALEffect of alternate nostril breathing on cardio respiratory parameters and muscle strength among rotating shift workersUdaykumar KP, Ukkirapandian K, Selvaraj S, Kannan D.Bioinformation2021
22SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALEffect of long-term acid suppression therapy with proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor blockers on serum vitamin B12 levels in elderly populationDamodharan S., Raj G.M., Sakthibalan M., Dakshinamoorthy K., Muraliswaran P.Irish Journal of Medical Science2021
23UGCJOURNALEffect of Music – Raga Malkauns & Yaman on Emotional Intelligence and General Intelligence Among Undergraduate Medical StudentsJayamala A, Karthika P, Manjulakshmi R, Madhura K. International Journal of Current Research and Review2021
24UGCJOURNALEpidemiology of Intussusception Hospitalizations in children under 2 years of age Post Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in Tamil nadu and PuducherryM.KulandaivelIndian Journal of Pediatrics2021
25UGCJOURNALEvaluation of Autoimmune Diseases with Mental Health Disorders: An Original ResearchKeerthana Mani Jeyanthi, Maanya Rajasree Katta, Sakshi Mishra,  Joana Christopher, Aakanksh Jain, Maria JamilAnnals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology2021
26UGCJOURNALFactors Predicting Blood Culture Positivity in Children With Enteric FeverManikandan S, Natarajan S, Karthikeyan RThe Journal of Infectious Diseases2021
27UGCJOURNALImpact of COVID -19 Pandemic on Mental Health of Medical Students During Second Wave in Puducherry ,IndiaSridar VR, Agila C, Janani SEuropean Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine2021
28PUBMEDJOURNALIs it Necessary to Send Clinically Diagnosed Benign Skin and Subcutaneous Lesions Excised Under Local Anesthesia for Routine Histopathological …CJ Milton, K Ganesamoorthy, GS Dharanya, A Kannan…Cureus2021
29UGCJOURNALKnowledge, attitude and practices towards COVID-19 among higher education students in India: a cross sectional studyPadmanaban, S., Rajendran, P., Davis, PJournal of Public Health2021
30SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALLetter to the Editor: “Association between metformin medication, genetic variation and prostate cancer risk”—genotyping and patient categorizations, do they matter?Raj G.M., Krishnan R.Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases2021
31UGCJOURNALLOW-GRADE PAPILLARY ADENOCARCINOMA: A RARE ENTITYF S Shabana, R Sudhakar P Ravishankar V Venugopalan B Satheesha RDeviOral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology2021
32UGCJOURNALHospitalization Rates and Direct Medical Costs for Fever in a Pediatric Cohort in South IndiaManikandan S, Natarajan S, Karthikeyan RThe Journal of Infectious Diseases2021
33SCOPUS,PUBMEDJOURNALMonoclonal Antibodies Against Infectious Microbes: So Long and Too Little!Raj GM, Priyadarshini R, Murugesan S, Adhimoolam M.Infectious disorders drug targets2021
34SCOPUS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALMonoclonal antibodies against infectious microbes: Too little too late!Raj G.M., Priyadarshini R., Murugesan S., Adhimoolam M.Infectious Disorders – Drug Targets2021
35SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALMYOCARDITIS PRESENTING AS INTRA CARDIAC MASS IN AN ADOLESCENT-A CASE REPORTRaj K.V., Devnath G.P., Das S., Srinivas B.H., Ravi K., Venkatesh J.International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Legal Medicine2021
36PUBMEDJOURNALMyopericytoma Involving Proximal Phalanx of Index Finger: Masquerading as Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumor – A Case ReportKumar MK, Panchal S, Dabral L, Prabhakar A.Journal of orthopaedic case reports2021
37SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALPhase 2 non-randomised trial of secondary cytoreduction and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy in recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancerRaj H., Keerthi M.S.S., Palaniappan R., Prakash U., Dhanushkodi M., Ganesan T.S.ecancermedicalscience2021
38SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALPrevalence of pulmonary mycoses among the clinically suspected cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospitalGerard Rakesh J., Margaret Theresa J., Bhavani D.International Journal of Current Research and Review2021
39SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALRetrospective Hospital-Based Cohort Study on Risk Factors of Poor Outcome in Pediatric Snake EnvenomationSuryanarayana, Ganapathi; Rameshkumar, Ramachandran; Mahadevan, SubramanianJOURNAL OF TROPICAL PEDIATRICS2021
40SCOPUSCONFERENCERisk Assessment for Patient and Fetal Based on Threshold Limit Using Feature Extraction and Neural NetworksRajkumar E., Geetha V., Sekar G.S.2021 7th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems, ICACCS 20212021
41SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALSerious adverse reactions to anti-snake venom in children with snake envenomation: An underappreciated contributor to snakebite mortality?Hooda R., Parameswaran N., Subramanian M.Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine2021
42SCOPUS,WOS,UGCJOURNALStudy on Synergistic Effect of Bromocriptine and Sitagliptin in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic RatsGovindaraj Nileshraj, Chandrasekaran Swithraa,Murugesan Sakthibalan, Maruti Shripati SawadkarJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research2021
43UGCJOURNALTumescent Local Anesthesia in Parotid Abscess-Novel Application of Old TechniqueRaghuraman MS, Gopi S, Radhakrishnan A, Madhu G, Ishwaryarajan MS, Selvam PKATHMANDU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL JOURNAL2021
44SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALUtilization of the CONSORT checklist to enhance clinical trials reporting-A critical analysisKumar A., Sahu V., Gupta N.Indian Journal of Ophthalmology2021
45UGCJOURNALVirtual classes conducted during COVID19 pandemic- Medical students’ perspectiveKaranth M, Basti AR, Jayamala AKIndian journal of Physiology and Pharmacology2021
46WOSJOURNALA Clinical Study on Epidemiology and Management of Incisional HerniaSanjeeva Raju Kunche, Chetan Kumar AJOURNAL OF EVOLUTION OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL SCIENCE2020
47UGCJOURNALAmbient temperature and COVID-19 incidence rates: An opportunity forMurugesan Arumugam, Bindu Menon, Sunil K NarayanEmerging Microbes & Infections2020
48SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAnatomical considerations in Pecs blocksRaghuraman M.S., Surya R.Journal of Clinical Anesthesia2020
49SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALArtificial Intelligence during a pandemic: The COVID-19 exampleDananjayan S., Raj G.M.International Journal of Health Planning and Management2020
50UGCJOURNALAutonomic function tests in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and their correlation with disease severityGanesan R, Gaur GS, Karthik S Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development2020
51SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAwareness on Cancer Cervix, Willingness, and Barriers for Screening of Cancer Cervix among Women: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study from Urban PondicherryChandrika, K.; Naik, Bijaya Nanda; Kanungo, SrikantaINDIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH2020
52UGCJOURNALBody iron and lead status in early childhood and its effects on development and cognition: a longitudinal study from urban VelloreKoshy B.,  Manikandan S, Zachariah  SMPublic health nutrition2020
53SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALClarifications on the perioperative management of patients with diabetesRaghuraman M.S., Arthi A., Iswaryarajan Hercule M.S.Anaesthesia Critical Care and Pain Medicine2020
54SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALComment on: “which nostril should be used for nasotracheal intubation with Airtraq NT®: The right or left?”Sethuraman R.M.Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences2020
55WOS,PUBMEDJOURNALComparison of Duration of Analgesic Comparison of Duration of Analgesic Effect of Nalbuphine and Morphine as an Adjuvant to Bupivacaine in the Supraclavicular Block under Ultrasound GuidanceVengadessane A, Rajaraman JD, Raghuraman MS, Prabu RK, Damodaran S, Sabu B.Anesthesia, essays and researches2020
56WOS,PUBMEDJOURNALComparison of duration of analgesic effect of nalbuphine and morphine as an adjuvant to bupivacaine in the supraclavicular block under ultrasound guidanceAruna Vengadessane, Jayashri Devi Rajaraman, M S Raghuraman, R Krishna Prabu, Srilekha Damodaran, Britto SabuAnesthesia: Essays and Researches2020
57UGCJOURNALCyto‐morphological and clinical approach to infections presenting with discharging sinuses mimicking malignancyRavi, Soundarya, Norton Stephen, JinkalaSreerekha, SivaranjiniRamassamy, Biswanath Behera, and DebasisGochhaitDiagnostic Cytopathology2020
58SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALDemographic profile of poisoning cases in a tertiary care center in South India – An observational studyJames Rajesh J., Sampath Kumar P., Pradhan P., Jothi Marie Feula A., Siva Reddy B.Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology2020
59UGCJOURNALDepression, Anxiety, and Stress among Rural South Indian Women-Prevalence and Correlates: A Community-Based StudyManikandan S Journal of neurosciences in rural practice2020
60UGCJOURNALDescriptive study of the histopathological subtypes and programmed death‐ligand 1 in metaplastic breast carcinomaStephen, Norton, SreeRekhaJinkala, Pampa Ch Toi, Rajesh Nachiappa Ganesh, Srinivas Bheemanathi Hanuman, Bhawana Ashok Badhe, DebasisGochhait, and Biswajit DubashiThe Breast Journal2020
61UGCJOURNALDoes the frequency domain parameters among pregnant women with gestational hypertension associated with levels of serum zinc, magnesium and copper? A cross sectional studyMohan P, Karthika Priyadharshini U, Hiramath PBNational Journal of Physiology Pharmacy and Pharmacology2020
62SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALEffectiveness of Brief Educational Training on Medical Students’ Attitude toward Suicide PreventionNebhinani N., Kuppili P.P., Mamta, Paul K.Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice2020
63SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALEffectiveness of educational intervention on knowledge & attitude about mtp act 1971 among apparently healthy reproductive age group population visiting a tertiary care centre, PuducherryFathima S., James Rajesh J., Feula J.M., Reddy S.Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology2020
64UGCJOURNALEffect of Alternate nostril breathing on simple and choice visual reaction time among rotating shift workersKarthika Priyadharshini U, Dhivya KNational Journal of Physiology2020
65UGCJOURNALHeart rate variability in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its correlation with disease severity- in South Indian populationGanesan R, Gaur GS, Karthik S National Journal of Physiology Pharmacy and Pharmacology2020
66UGCJOURNALHepatitis A Outbreak with the Concurrence of Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Poona Infection in Children of Urban VelloreManikandan S, Sindhu KN, Kumar SJAmerican Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene2020
67BOOK CHAPTERHypothalamic and Pituitary HormonesSubramanian UIntroduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology2020
68UGCJOURNALImaging Findings of Inferior Vena Cava Web Associated with Primary Budd Chiari Syndrome- A Case Report in Elderly Male.Nandhakumar, Shyam Kumar, Balasubramanium, Amirthaganesh; Sugumaran, Prabhu; Thilagaraj, Lokesh Kumar; Sivarajan, Armel ArputhaJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research2020
69UGCJOURNALIntussusception after Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in IndiaM.Kulandaivel. International Journal of Pediatrics2020
70WOSJOURNALIs Helicobacter pylori Infection Associated with Perforated Gastro-Duodenal Ulcer?K. Thirupathaiah, Sanjeeva Raju Kunche, Nagella Pradeep Kumar ReddyJournal of evolution of medical and dental sciences2020
71SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALPattern of poisoning cases in a tertiary care centre in south India – An observational studyJames Rajesh J., Sampath Kumar P., Pradhan P., Jothi Marie Feula A., Sr., Siva Reddy B.Medico-Legal Update2020
72SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALPecs blocks: Anatomical points to ponderRaghuraman M.S.Anesthesia and Analgesia2020
73UGCJOURNALPhysical Violence Against Doctors: A Content Analysis from Online Indian NewspapersMadhivanan A, Venugopal V, Dongre ARIndian Journal of Community Medicine2020
74SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALPrognostic Factors and Survival Outcomes of Surgical Resection of Huge Hepatocellular CarcinomasBhanu J.S., Venkitaraman B., Palaniappan R., Ranganathan R., Seshadri R.A., Mahajan V.Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer2020
75SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALRegarding the survey on perioperative diabetes medications and glucose controlRaghuraman M.S.Canadian Journal of Anesthesia2020
76SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALSchool mental health program: Scenario in indiaKuppili P.P., Nebhinani N.Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health2020
77WOS,UGCJOURNALStudy to Assess the Prescription Pattern and Quality of Life in Osteoarthritis Patients at a Tertiary Care HospitalAnsha Subramanian, Mangaiarkkarasi Adhimoolam,Selvalaxmi Gnanasegaran, Meher Ali Raja MohammedJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research2020
78UGCJOURNALSubsultus Tendinum in a Child with Typhoid FeverNatarajan K, Sindhu, Manikandan SIndian pediatrics2020
79UGCJOURNALSurrogacy in India: Ethical and Legal AspectDevnath GP, Kumaran S. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology2020
80UGCJOURNALThe Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme on Regulating the Policy Adherence and Antimicrobial Usage in Selected Intensive Care Units in a Tertiary Care Center – A Prospective Interventional StudSushmita Sana Chowdhury. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiolog2020
81UGCJOURNALThe utility of fine needle aspiration cytology in orbital haematolymphoid neoplasms.” Stephen, Norton, Prabhu Manivannan, DebasisGochhait, JinkalaSreerekha, NiranjiniRamasubramanian, Bheemanathi Hanuman Srinivas, Rakhee Kar, Nirupama Kasturi, DebdataBasu, and NeelaiahSiddarajuCytopathology2020
82SCOPUS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALTo the editorRaj G.M., Mathaiyan J.Ethnicity and Disease2020
83WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALUntitleRaj, Gerard Marshall; Mathaiyan, JayanthiETHNICITY & DISEASE2020
84SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALUse of a pre-injection technique to identify neural elements in the costoclavicular space for brachial plexus block for upper limb orthopaedic surgeryParthasarathy S., Surya R.Indian Journal of Anaesthesia2020
85UGCJOURNALUsing entertainment media to teach undergraduate psychiatry: Perspectives on the need and models of innovationSuhas Chandran, Priya Sreedaran, Johnson Pradeep, S M Manohari, Pooja Patnaik Kuppili, M KishorArchives of Medicine and Health Sciences2020
86WOSJOURNALA Clinical Study on Comprehensive Analysis of Enterocutaneous FistulaSanjeeva Raju Kunche, A Manoj, Chetan Kumar AJOURNAL OF EVOLUTION OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL SCIENCE2019
87SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALAnalysis and prevention of voice morbidity in thyroidectomy patients: A prospective studyVelayutham P., Murugaiyan S.Otorhinolaryngology Clinics2019
88WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALAnother simple regimen for perioperative management of diabetes mellitusRaghuraman, M. S.; Selvam, Priyanka; Gopi, SrividyaWORLD JOURNAL OF DIABETES2019
89SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALAntibiotic susceptibility profile of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus-a cross-sectional studyKavitha E., Srikumar R.Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development2019
90UGCJOURNALAssessment of stress and cognition among adolescent males and femalesKarthika Priyadharshini Udayakumar, Pavithra Sureshkumar, Tamil Selvan KuppusamyNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology2019
91UGCJOURNALAssessment of the level of serum beta carotene in chronic low back pain patients and its association with lumbar osteophyte formationKarthick A Krishnamurthy, Rajababu RapetaThe Journal of Spinal Surgery2019
92UGCJOURNALA study to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding Pharmacovigilance Programme of India among interns in a tertiary care hospitalRazia Abdul Rasheed, Pushpam Mokkaiyan, Girija ManiNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology2019
93WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALBacteriological profile and perception on hand hygiene in school-going ChildrenKavitha E, Srikumar R, Muthu G, Sathyapriya T.Journal of laboratory physicians2019
94UGCJOURNALBiosimilars in India; current status and future perspectivesMeher BR, Sakthi Balan M, Mohanty RR, Jena M, Das SJournal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences2019
95SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALClarification on: “Pectoral nerves I block is associated with a significant motor blockade with no dermatomal sensory changes”Raghuraman M.S.Canadian Journal of Anesthesia2019
96SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALClinicomycological and histopathological profile of onychomycosis: A cross-sectional study from South IndiaChetana K., Menon R., David B.G., Ramya M.R.Indian Journal of Dermatology2019
97SCOPUS,WOS,UGCJOURNALComment on: “Priming with different doses of metoclopramide preceded by tourniquet alleviates propofol induced pain: A comparative study with lidocaine”Raghuraman M.S.Egyptian Journal of Anaesthesia2019
99UGCJOURNALDiffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis in a 33-year-old woman with PCOS and metabolic syndrome: a rare scenarioJOJIN JOSE BMJ case reports2019
102UGCJOURNALEffects of soy isoflavone genistein on lipid profile and hepatic steatosis in high-fat-fed Wistar ratsDeepa Kameswari Perumal, Mangaiarkkarasi Adhimoolam, Erli Amel Ivan, Meher Ali RajamohammedNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology2019
103WOS,UGCJOURNALEvaluation of Expression of HER2/neu in Intestinal and Diffuse Type Gastric Carcinomas by ImmunohistochemistryBS SANGEETHA, S REVATHY, Geetha, D Manimaran, H RajeshJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research2019
104WOS,UGCJOURNALEvaluation of Pattern of Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents Usage and their Cost among Type-2 Diabetic Patients in a Tertiary Care Teaching HospitalSelvalaxmi Gnanasegaran, Srija Gopal, Sakthibalan Murugesan, Gerard Marshall Raj, Mangaiarkkarasi AdhimoolamJournal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research2019
105UGCJOURNALFactors Influencing Plasma Concentrations of Phenytoin, Phenobarbitone, Carbamazepine and Sodium Valproate in Epileptic Patients Attending a Tertiary Care HospitalSudharshan Jagennath, Gerard Marshal Raj, Jayanthi Mathaiyan

106SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALHigh-Level Mupirocin Resistance in Staphylococcus spp. among Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Care HospitalKavitha E., Srikumar R.Pharmacology2019
107SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALHigh prevalence of prediabetes among the family members of individuals with diabetes. Findings from targeted screening program from south IndiaRamaswamy G., Chinnakali P., Selvaraju S., Nair D., Thekkur P., Selvaraj K., Shivashankar R., Singh A.R., Vrushabhendra H.N.Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews2019
108SCOPUSBOOK CHAPTERIndian Contributions to PharmacologyMurugesan S., Adhimoolam M.Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology: Volume 1: General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action2019
109SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALInfluence of ABCB1 C3435T and C1236T gene polymorphisms on tumour response to docetaxel-based neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer patients of South IndiaPriyadarshini R., Raj G.M., Kayal S., Ramesh A., Shewade D.G.Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics2019
110SCOPUSBOOKIntroduction to basics of pharmacology and toxicology: Volume 1: General and molecular pharmacology: Principles of drug actionRaj G.M., Raveendran R.Introduction to basics of pharmacology and toxicology: Volume 1: General and molecular pharmacology: Principles of drug action2019
111UGCJOURNALIdentifying risk factors for development of diabetic ketoacidosis in type Idiabetic  MellitusKumar.GA,Rajendran.R, Swaminathan. International Journal of Clinical Practice2019
112SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALLetter to the Editor: Reflections on: “Perioperative Management of Diabetes Mellitus: Novel Approaches”Raghuraman M.S.Current Diabetes Reports2019
113SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALLinozolid resistance in staphylococcus aureus at a tertiary care hospital in PuducherryKavitha E., Srikumar R., Muthu G.Biomedicine (India)2019
114UGCJOURNALOpportunities for Typhoid Vaccination in IndiaManikandan S, Sindhu KN, John J, Kang GIndian Pediatrics2019
115SCOPUSBOOK CHAPTERPharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, and personalized medicineRaj G.M.Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology: Volume 1: General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action2019
116SCOPUSBOOK CHAPTERPrefaceRaj G.M.Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology: Volume 1: General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action2019
117UGCJOURNALPrevalence, correlates of depression, and its impact on quality of life of cancer patients attending a palliative care setting in South IndiaSudarisan SSP, Abraham B, George CPsycho-oncology2019
118SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALReflections on: ‘Pectoral i block does not improve postoperative analgesia after breast cancer surgery’Raghuraman M.S.Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine2019
119SCOPUS,WOS,PUBMED,UGCJOURNALSalivary Duct Carcinoma of Parotid Gland: a Rare TumorChidananda-Murthy G., Chandran J.Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology2019
120SCOPUS,UGCJOURNALStature estimation from length of fingers in South Indian population – A cross sectional studyPournima, Rajesh J.J., Kumar K.M.R., Reddy B.S., Feula A J.M.Journal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine2019
121WOSJOURNALSTUDY OF HIGH SPECIFIC C-REACTIVE PROTEIN IN ACUTE ISCHAEMIC STROKEMadhan Kumar Subbarayan, Chinnaiyan P, Sravankumar SampatiJournal of evolution of medical and dental sciences2019
122WOS,UGCJOURNALStudy of Treatment Pattern and Treatment Satisfaction with its Impact on Quality of Life among Psoriasis Patients.Srija Gopal, selvalaxmi Gnanasegaran, Gerard Marshall Raj, Sakthi Balan Murugesan, Mangaiarkkarasi Adhimoolam, Roshini MenonJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research2019
123SCOPUSBOOK CHAPTERThe great pharmacologists and their revolutionary discoveriesRaj G.M.Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology: Volume 1: General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action2019
124UGCJOURNALTowards a new model of understanding–The triple network, psychopathology and the structure of the mindMenon BMedical hypotheses2019
125UGCJOURNALWhy do participants drop-out: findings from a prospective pediatric cohort for fever surveillance established at Vellore southern IndiaSindhu KN, Manikandan S, Subramaniam S, et alBMC Medical Research Methodology2019
126UGCJOURNALA Brief Review On Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Nirmala Jaget European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research2018
128UGCJOURNALA comparative study on vagal activity in normotensive, pre-hypertensive, and hypertensive individualsArunkumar Balakrishnan, Nirmala NatarajanNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology2018
129UGCJOURNALA comparative study on visual evoked potential in normotensive and hypertensive individualsArunkumar Balakrishnan, Nirmala NatarajanNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology2018
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141UGCJOURNALA study to assess the effect of intensity of music on heart rate variability Tamilselvan K, Latha R, Nirmala N, Chandralekha J. International Journal of Physiology2018
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Devnath GP, Das S, Kar R, Ganesh RNJournal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine2018
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Using Photographic Technique to Derive Reference Values for Sex and Ethnic Group Differentiation in Forensic
Siddapur, K. R., & Siddapur, G. KInternational Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine2017
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Identification in Forensic Investigation
Siddapur, K. R.Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine2017
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Dr.Kishan R SiddapurInternational Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine2017
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measurement of foramen magnum dimensions
Siddapur, K. R., & Siddapur, G. KJournal of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine2016
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Siddapur, K. R. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology2016
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Human Hip Bone in Gender Identification
Siddapur, K. R. Medico Legal Update2016
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